Monday, June 24, 2019



Wheeling Water Department is a municipally owned water utility. In accordance with West Virginia Public Service Commission regulations, the City of Wheeling operates the Water Utility as an enterprise fund. As such, the utility is financially independent from the City of Wheeling. The organizational structure includes the City Manager as the chief executive officer and the City Council serves as the board of directors of the utility. The Director of Public Works serves as a liaison between the water department and the city administration.

The department consists of three divisions which are organized under the Water Superintendent. Serving in this capacity is Dave Nickerson.

The Accounting and Commercial divisions have been combined into one division called the Utility Accounting and Revenue division. This division is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, job costing, and for fiscal budgetary compliance. This division also performs similar functions for the Wheeling Water Pollution Control Division.  The division is managed by Susie Donathan, and is responsible for customer service, meter reading, billing, and collection of accounts. The UAR Division is located in the City - County Building in Room 112. 

The Distribution Division is managed by Harold Jarrett and is responsible for all field service work and related record keeping. They also do engineering design for planned improvements. The Distribution Division is located at 9 Armory Drive.

The Treatment Division is managed by Lori Siburt and is responsible for all treatment and testing of the source and finished water and for pumping it to the customers. They also maintain the various pumping stations located throughout the system. The maintenance foreman is Mike Rice. This division is located at the water treatment plant at 1551 Richland Avenue.